hannah hoggatt


hello there.

i photograph things that i want to remember for the rest of my life.

just a girl with a camera in my hands and the entire world at my feet. it's a tough job to choose which moments to keep alive forever.

i love the extraordinary and unordinary. i like things that have character or history.

i always shied away from cameras, then one day i came across an old dusty camera in an antique shop i wandered into, from then on i was hooked … i like to say photography chose me.

"I've loved art my entire life...there's no pressure in it for me as found in others, its just something I must do. In photography I am not afraid that I do not have enough equipment, talent should have no limits."

What do you hope to do with Photography?

Who knows, my goals could change. If all else fails, I'll just open up an antique store, become a cat lady and do nothing but photograph my kittens and trinkets all day.

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